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Content strategy

Discover how to create content that speaks to the needs of your customers, creates engagement & generates sales.

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I love to help businesses create content that connects them with their customers


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B2C businesses


B2B businesses

Helping B2B & B2B businesses create websites that meet their business goals for over 10 years

Many of the businesses that I work with have invested great expense & effort in developing a web presence but did not succeed in creating content that reflects the thinking, needs or behaviours, of their target audience. Consequently, their sales, enquiries, or service signups, were not as they had hoped for.

I have over 10 years of experience helping B2B B2C businesses create content that:

  • Has been created with the customer in mind
  • Resonates with, & engages, customers
  • Keeps them engaged & supported during their digital interactions with the business

James Walters
Strategist & User Experience Designer

Meet James

❝If doing it again, I would do all these things while developing the website.❞

B2B client

❝James is great to work with, we covered so much ground in the virtual workshops…he also helped keep me super focused…to uncover the really important stuff.❞

Simon, Punk Incorporated (Vision & goals, & strategy)

Remove the guesswork

Discover how to create content that speaks to the needs of your customers, creates engagement & generates sales:

  • Create content from the point of view of your audience & their needs
  • Engaging content that resonates with & supports your users
  • Map what content you need where, & why

Content Strategy – workshop & support package

  • A workshop, and actionable strategy and plan, for you and your team – £199.
  • Ongoing strategy & user experience support for your website & digital marketing – £29 per month.

Discover how to create content that engages your customers and generates sales

Download your free starter guide. If you have any questions, book a free consultation call. We’ll be glad to help.

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Download your guide to content and strategy

Acquire & retain customers with engaging content

During the introductory we will review of your current content, identify potential gaps, and outline how your content could be updated to align with you customers’ needs and thinking. I aim to provide at least one actionable takeaway for you to use right away.

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