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Definition & strategy

We synthesise the outputs of research and discovery into actionable insights brought to life through artefacts such as personas and experience maps. From these, we define and prioritise journeys, content, functional requirements, and features, forming a viable product proposal to carry forward into prototyping and development.


Define your audience & users

Synthesis of user research into archetypal models of your users, their needs, behaviours and motivations.

Audience & user personas

User journeys

Visualise your new user experience

Synthesis of research into a map of the customer’s experience, setting the context for subsequent design work.

User journeys


Create content that converts & sells

Are users dropping off before they even reach a signup form, or checkout? We will work with you to understand why this is happening, and to improve engagement across the journey.

Content strategy

Information architecture

Make your site structure logical & user-friendly

Organise your content so that its structure matches users' mental models so helping them to navigate with ease.

Taxonomy & Information Architecture


Prioritise & plan product development

Identify where to focus effort, which features to prioritise, and produce a product strategy and roadmap.

Product strategy

Workshop planning & facilitation

Plan, and facilitate, workshop sessions to generate consensus, set visions, ideate, solve problems and enable progress.