Prioritise & plan product development

Product strategy


Identify where to focus effort, and which features to prioritise, ensuring the intended user experience evolves into a product strategy and roadmap that facilitates the delivery of a best-in-class product.

Identify the most effective solutions

There are often multiple possible fixes for problems. When working on modifications to existing journeys and workflows, we will work with you to find out what is going wrong, and why, before evaluating the possible solutions.

  • Audit existing workflows and journeys
  • Identify solutions that sit within existing constraints including; time, budget and tech platform
  • Work with you, and your development, to assess the relative cost-benefits of solutions
  • Size the effort required to implement potential solutions

Prioritise feature development

Choosing where to focus effort can sometimes be hard. We will work with you to prioritise features, and development effort, based on what we have learned from research and definition activities, and by assessing the cost-benefits of implementing individual solutions.

  • Prioritisation workshops
  • Prioritisation exercises, including; MoSCoW analysis and impact–effort matrix