Create journeys that customers will complete

Journeys & workflows


Users often abandon purchase, registration and onboarding journeys due to simple-to-solve issues, such as being asked for too much information, lack of clear instructions, and poor functionality.

What we will do

Existing experience

We will work with you to establish what is not working within an existing workflow or journey, and provide the best possible experience within existing constraints. We offer two complementary routes to reorientating content to convert and sell:

  • Test your existing flows with new and prospective customers
  • Conduct a heuristic review of flows benchmarking against competitors and best practices

Using the insights gained, we will work with you to address the issues discovered within your time, budget, and technical, parameters.

New experience

We utilise research and discovery findings to develop, and test, user journeys and workflows from scratch, and to develop prototypes with which to test and evaluate the designs.

What you will get

Existing experience

When working on existing journeys, we will:

  • A report in simple, concise language, which explains the findings from user testing & desk research
  • A prioritised list of improvements accompanied by a rationale
  • Offer the option to conduct a cost-benefit analysis, a feature prioritisation workshop, and a UX design
  • Offer the option to progress to implementing, and testing, the proposed changes

New experience

We conceive, map, wireframe, prototype, test, and document, workflows and user journeys. When working in a waterfall-based project management structure we will provide the following before prototyping:

  • High-level designs of the user journey, designing the happy paths and also working out how to handle the unhappy paths
  • Document the proposed journey with wireframes, details of interactions and copy.