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UX research & discovery

Is your development plan based on best guesses and hypotheses? Having qualitative and quantitive data about your users & your app, website, or SaaS product will enable you to zero in on what’s needed and measure the effectiveness of your solution.

Discover the needs, motivations, and behaviours of your customers, or users, and how your current product is performing:

  • The needs, motivations, & behaviours of your customers or users
  • Find out how your existing app, website, or SaaS product is performing
  • Map your current experience to identify pain points & opportunities
  • Quantitive & qualitative insights

The needs, motivations, & behaviours, of your audience or users

Research your target users/customers to clarify what they want, the problems they face, their behaviours, and their motivations.

User research

User testing

Assess the CX or UX of your existing app, website, or SaaS product

An evaluation of your existing app, website, or service, to identify problems and opportunities, and to provide validated insights against which to benchmark improvements.

User testing & heuristic assessment

Omnichannel purchase experience

Map your current CX or UX experience

Synthesis of research into service, or experience, maps allowing you to see clearly the pain points and opportunities.

Experience & service maps

Stakeholder & user interviews

Uncover the ‘why’ - the behaviours, thinking, problems & challenges - to help frame the current situation, & plan further research.

Users & stakeholders

Focus Groups

Generate insights into the attitudes and behaviours of your customers or users.

User research

Expert review of your existing app website or service

Cognitive & heuristic reviews

An audit of your current customer experience, or user experience, to identify what is working and what is not.

Expert reviews

Moderated & unmoderated testing

Observational testing to discover user behaviours, and uncover problems and opportunities.

User research

Market & competitor research

Research your competitors, and the market, to identify your relative strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities to differentiate from your competitors.

Market & competitors