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Assess the CX or UX of your existing app, website, or SaaS product

User testing & heuristic assessment

User testing

Testing can be especially valuable when you have identified, and designed for, your target users, but the results are not as expected, or when you have identified specific problems, and want validated insights before designing updates, and benchmarks for measuring subsequent changes.

What we will do

We use a variety of techniques to assess customer experiences and user journeys, including:

  • Expert review – an audit of your physical and/or digital products and experiences including:
    • Heuristic evaluation – an audit of your physical and/or digital products and experiences through the lenses of best practices for usability, and accessibility
    • Cognitive walkthrough – assessment of your service’s and/or product’s experience based on the need, and goals of users
  • Competitor review – benchmarking against competitors
  • User testing – testing with a selection of users to evaluate their experiences while completing tasks using your service and/or product
  • Service or experience map – a service map, or experience map, to provide context for the pain points and opportunities discovered

What you will get

  • A report, written in simple and concise language, which explains the findings from the tests and/or assessments
  • Rating of each finding to help identify and prioritise the points to address
  • Audio, video, transcripts, and other artefacts from testing and/or evaluations