Feature prioritisation & delivery roadmap

Are you unsure which features will bring the biggest benefit, & which to prioritise? A development roadmap will prioritise the features needed to launch a successful product that meets your business goals.

  • Rank features & functionality based on effort/cost vs. benefit
  • Prioritise the features needed to achieve your business goals
  • Identify the quick wins
  • Create a road map for your MVP and beyond
Enquire about a prioritisation workshop 

What we will do

We will arrange a pre-workshop discovery call/session to learn about what you need, and deliver a workshop, or set of workshops, tailored to prioritising the features needed to launch a successful app, website, or SaaS prodcut that meets your business goals.

What you will get

  • A workshop lasting 60-90 minutes
  • A prioritised delivery plan & roadmap, & other workshop artefacts
  • A report, written in simple and concise language, which summarises the workshop outputs
  • The audio/video and transcript (if the workshop was online)
  • A playback session to review the outputs and plan your next steps
  • A follow-up call 14 days after the playback session

Prioritise the features and functionality you need for a successful launch and beyond

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