Zero in on your target market & audience & the opportunities they present

Do you really know your market and audience niche - who you are selling to, their needs, and your offering to them? Identify your market and audience, what they need and the opportunities that they present.

  • Profile your market & audience
  • Uncover the needs, motivations, and behaviours of your audience
  • Map your existing customer journeys to identify pain points & opportunities
  • Identify & prioritise your opportunities
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What we will do

We will arrange a pre-workshop discovery call/session to learn about what you need and deliver a workshop, or set of workshops, tailored to give a picture of your markets & audiences that will enable you to design customer journeys, or user experiences, that are engaging and easy to use.

What you will get

During the workshop session, together we will develop a picture of your market and audience, identifying their needs, motivations, and behaviours. The picture we build will identify factors that will enable you to market to them successfully, highlight opportunities, and prioritise where to focus effort. Along the way, we will create artefacts such as pen portraits and prioritisation matrixes.

  • A workshop lasting 60-90 minutes
  • Portraits of your markets, audiences & other workshop artefacts
  • A report, written in simple and concise language, which summaries the workshop outputs
  • The audio/video and transcript (if the workshop was online)
  • A playback session to review the outputs and plan your next steps
  • A follow-up call 14 days after the playback session

Who are our target audience, & what are their needs?

Creating a clear profile of its market and audiences enabled this B2B e-commerce website, to develop effective sales strategies and customer journeys.

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How can we engage with our target audiences and convert them to customers?

Get the insights you need to successfully engage with, and sell to your target market & audience

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