Intuitive structure & navigation

Are your users struggling to find their way around & achieve what they came to do? Develop a structure & navigation that will enable them to find what they need & complete their journey with ease.

  • Structure aligned with users' mental models
  • Pages structured to contain the information users need
  • Navigation prioritised so users can easily find their way around
Enquire about a structure & navigation workshop 

What we will do

We will arrange a pre-workshop discovery call/session to learn about what you need, and deliver a workshop, or set of workshops, tailored to developing structure and navigation that your customers or users will be able to navigate easily so that they can find what they need, and achieve what they came to do.

What you will get

During the workshop session, together we will map your website’s structure, creating artefacts such as wireframes, sitemap, and menus, which will make your app, website, or SaaS product easy for your customers to navigate and use.

  • A workshop lasting 60-90 minutes
  • Wireframes, sitemap, & other workshop artefacts
  • A report, written in simple and concise language, which summarises the workshop outputs
  • The audio/video and transcript (if the workshop was online)
  • A playback session to review the outputs and plan your next steps
  • A follow-up call 14 days after the playback session

How we make our navigation user-friendly?

Developing new navigation that aligns both with the organisation's strategic goals & which enables visitors to find their way around this complex site with ease.

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Navigtion and information architecture

Make your website easy for your customers to navigate and use

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