Acquire, onboard, & sell with user-focused journeys

Are your acquisition journeys failing to acquire, or are your e-commerce journeys being abandoned? Build your business with engaging, joined-up, user-focused journeys or workflows that acquire, onboard, and sell.

  • Target individual markets & audiences
  • Create engaging end-to-end journeys
  • Design & map end-to-end customer/user journeys
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What we will do

We will arrange a pre-workshop discovery call/session to learn about what you need and deliver a workshop, or set of workshops, tailored to creating engaging, joined-up customer acquisition, onboarding, Ecommerce, journeys, or user workflows.

  • Map end-to-end journey(s)
  • Happy paths
  • Hurdles/points of friction
  • Opportunities to surprise & delight
  • Content to engage & support

What you will get

During the workshop session, together we will develop coherent, joined-up, customer, or user journeys. While doing so we will create artefacts such as journey or experience maps, and outline the content required, including the gaps in any existing content.

  • A workshop lasting 60-90 minutes
  • Journey maps, experience maps, & other artefacts created during the workshop
  • A report, written in simple and concise language, which summarises the workshop outputs
  • The audio/video and transcript (if the workshop was online)
  • A playback session to review the outputs and plan your next steps
  • A follow-up call 14 days after the playback session

How can we create joined-up customer acquisition journeys?

A series of tailored workshops enabled this B2B e-commerce business to develop a customer acquisition strategy with matching digital customer journeys.

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How can we create a joined-up sales journey?

Create engaging & intuitive customer & user journeys

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