Case studies

These are just some of the ways we’ve helped businesses and brands to develop successful engagement strategies, customer journeys, and experiences for, app, web, and SaaS products.

How can we create a joined-up sales journey?

How can we create joined-up customer acquisition journeys?

A series of tailored workshops enabled this B2B e-commerce business to develop a customer acquisition strategy with matching digital customer journeys.

B2B e-commerce

How can we engage with our target audiences and convert them to customers?

Who are our target audience, & what are their needs?

Creating a clear profile of its market and audiences enabled this B2B e-commerce website, to develop effective sales strategies and customer journeys.

B2B e-commerce

We know that a new strategy is required, how do we develop it?

We know that a new strategy is required, how do we develop it?

Running a series of workshops for this B2B e-commerce business enabled them to develop new customer acquisition strategies & associated customer journeys.

B2B e-commerce

How can we target our potential customers more effectively? Markets and audiences, and customer journey, workshops.

How can we target our customers more effectively?

Creating pen portraits of their target audiences enabled this business to streamline its site so it more effectively targets those audiences.

Photography studio

What should my buisness's website contain, and how should it be structured? Website strategy workshop.

What should my new business’s website contain?

A bootcamp workshop provided this young entrepreneur with the foundations for planning a website that would be an effective shopfront for their growing business.

Dress maker

Why is nobody buying from our e-commerce store? Strategy 1:1

Why are our sales so poor?

Diagnosing the probable reasons for this B2B business’ poor Ecommerce sales, and formulating an achievable plan to remedy them.

B2B e-commerce

How can we more effectively engage with our traget audiences? Expert review & strategy.

How can we ensure we are effectively targeting our audiences?

An Expert Review of this B2C website revealed ways to both increase engagement and make it a more effective sales tool.

Furniture studio

Improving conversion rates

Why are our customers abandoning this journey?

Supporting & guiding customers using this landing page encourages more of them to complete the journey.

B2C financial services

App key features

Cycle parking app & experience design

The concept for a cycle space booking app, including third-party systems integrations, and the service experience. The concept was subsequently developed into a successful, working, app.

Transport app

Researching the online and offline customer experience for a UK based pub, restaurant, and hotel, chain

Researching the ‘as-is’ hospitality customer experience

Research of the digital and physical customer experience, for a pub and hotel brand, highlighted touchpoints where improving digital experiences would also enhance the physical experience.


Vision setting

We have a concept, but what are our vision & goals for it?

A vision & goals workshop enabled this business to crystallise a concept into something with a clear vision & tangible, achievable, goals.


Content strategy for journey

Supporting people with their mental health

Leading the ideation and strategy for an online resource to support people dealing with mental health issues. The platform provides support that is informative, actionable, and different from existing online resources.


Navigtion and information architecture

How we make our navigation user-friendly?

Developing new navigation that aligns both with the organisation's strategic goals & which enables visitors to find their way around this complex site with ease.

National UK charity

Developing the engagement strategy, content strategy, and content model for a well-known UK charity

Engagement strategies, content model, IA & UX

Development of content model, taxonomy, information architecture and template structure, which transformed the user experience of a complex and hard-to-navigate website.

National UK charity

Product configurator proof of concept

Product configurator app

This proof of concept, built in Axure, both demonstrated the feasibility of designing a configurator for products with 90k variations and enabled the project sponsor to socialise the proposal amongst colleagues.

Luxury home furnishings

Single page checkout & prototype

Single page checkout & prototype

Research, and UX design, of a single page checkout that flexes to work in 19 markets, in multiple languages, and with 17 payment options.

Luxury home furnishings

E-commerce CX research programme

Omnichannel shopping experience – research, CX & UX

Researching the online & offline purchase experiences for this skincare & beauty brand resulted in insights that were impactful both for brand strategy & for the CX & UX.

High Street skincare & beauty

Defining, & designing for, B2B & B2C audiences

B2B & B2B content strategy & UX workshops & sprints

Defining the audiences of this B2B and B2C healthcare brand enabled structure, content and strategy, to be developed that resulted in engaging landing pages and conversion journeys.


Agile redesign of B2B events platform & workflows

Creating a user-friendly B2B SaaS events management interface

Providing workflows and dashboards, where none previously existed, means that users are guided as they complete their tasks on this self-service event planning and management system.

Silicon valley tech company

Engaging Gen Z for sports event startup

Engaging Gen Z for sports event startup

Audience research brought insights from which content and PR strategies, and digital platforms, were developed to engage a new sporting audience including the use of gamification and augmented reality experiences.

Sporting events startup

Identifying the problem to solve

Identifying the problem to solve

Researching, and constructing a cost-benefit analysis matrix for, this call centre workflow, identified where effort could be best applied to improve the process without the cost of undertaking a complete rebuild.

Financial services

'Fat marker' wireframe

Call centre screens & workflows – UX research to product delivery

Foundational research of business needs, user needs, and workflows, informed the development of call centre screens that reduced both the time taken to train advisors and call handling times.

Financial services

Identifying, & designing for, a B2B audience

Identifying, & designing for, a B2B audience

Identifying this B2B site’s key audience, and the role it plays in their purchase journey, enabled journeys, content, IA, and UX, to be tailored to engaging with, and winning sales from, that audience.

B2B SaaS company

Attracting, & nurturing, new citizen scientists

Attracting, & nurturing, new citizen scientists

Researching, and mapping, the citizen science recording experience enabled the design of experiences that engage, encourage, and reward contributors.

Citizen Science