Creating a user-friendly B2B SaaS events management interface

Silicon valley tech company

Providing workflows and dashboards, where none previously existed, means that users are guided as they complete their tasks on this self-service event planning and management system.

The problem to solve

This self-service B2B event planning platform lacked workflows. Completing simple tasks required navigating to multiple locations scattered across the application. Screens often displayed information of no relevance, while useful information required one or more clicks to reveal.


During the project kick-off, it became clear that the existing product was not fit for purpose, but neither the scope nor the timeline acknowledged this. Scheduling multiple sprints of short duration, involving a high level of stakeholder collaboration, ensured that problems were quickly identified and solved.

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Mapping users and roles
Mapping users and roles.
Analysis of existing functionality
Auditing data and process.
Workflow design
Workflow design.
Functionality & interaction design
Functionality & interaction design.
Step-by-step event creation
Step-by-step event creation.
Management screens
Management screens.