Engagement strategies, content model, IA & UX

National UK charity

Developing the engagement strategy, content strategy, and content model for a well-known UK charity

Development of content model, taxonomy, information architecture and template structure, which transformed the user experience of a complex and hard-to-navigate website.

The problem to solve

Reorganising a site containing over 24,000 pages of content, which users found both unengaging and hard to navigate, failed to communicate strategic messaging, and whose maintenance was overly time-consuming.


Creating a better content experience started with deconstructing the content, reconfiguring it as in a structure of attributes, data, and relationships. This enabled the development of a content model, site structure, and page templates.

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Content types and taxonomy
Content types and taxonomy.
Content model
Content model.
Content buckets
Content buckets.
Content meta
Content meta.
Content pillars, information architecture, and navigation
Content pillars, IA, & navigation.
Atomic components
Atomic components.
Page templates
Page templates.