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Cycle parking app & experience design

Transport app

App key features

The concept for a cycle space booking app, including third-party systems integrations, and the service experience. The concept was subsequently developed into a successful, working, app.

The problem to solve

The initial challenge was researching; the market, and potential users, to discover what is required from a cycle parking app (including third-party integrations), and what would make a good parking experience. As the project progressed, the challenges included; developing an ‘MVP’ while keeping a fully featured product in mind, and working with a digital agency to develop a functioning, successful, launch product.


This project ran for just over a year, comprising research, discovery and delivery phases. I worked throughout with the client (CEO) to conceive the app, website and service experience. Research into similar apps, and likely third-party systems integrations, steered the development of a concept that helped gain funding, and whose functionality formed the basis of the actual app. During delivery the delivery phase, I worked with the client and a digital agency to develop product strategy, the definition of the MVP, content and product launch.

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Audience and user research
Audience and user research.
Booking flow
Booking flow.
User journeys
User journeys.
App development
App development.