Omnichannel shopping experience – research, CX & UX

High Street skincare & beauty

Researching the online and offline purchase experiences for this skincare and beauty brand resulted in insights that were impactful both for brand strategy and for the CX and UX.

The problem to solve

Generative research to assess both the in-store and online purchase experiences. Aligning stakeholders around a common vision and digital roadmap. Identifying both ‘bigger picture’ strategic insights and problems with UX to be addressed during the subsequent redesign.


This exploratory research programme commenced with stakeholder interviews to understand the brand and market landscape. Insights from the interviews shaped the subsequent research programme and activities. During the synthesis stage, affinity mapping helped generate strategic insights that helped to tell the ‘as-is’ story on the experience maps. Data from user tests, and other sources, was catalogued and helped shape changes to the online user experience.

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Research programme
Research programme.
Stakeholder & customer interviews
Stakeholder & customer interviews.
Store visits
Store visits.
User testing
User testing.
Shopper survey
Shopper survey.
Affinity mapping
Affinity maps.
Cataloguing findings
Cataloguing findings.
Journey maps
Journey maps.
Design collaboration
Design collaboration.
Impact of research
Impact of research.