Who are our target audience, & what are their needs?

B2B e-commerce

How can we engage with our target audiences and convert them to customers?

Lacking a clear picture of its target customers and their needs, this B2B e-commerce company struggled to differentiate itself from competitors and win customers. Profiling their markets and audiences enabled effective marketing strategies and customer journeys to be developed.

The problem

This B2B e-commerce company was experiencing very poor sales. They operate in a very competitive market where it’s difficult to stand out. The lack of clarity about the needs of their target customers, and the opportunities these presented, made it very difficult to develop engaging marketing strategies and sales journeys.

The solution

We ran a series of online workshops during which we profiled the markets and audiences, identifying the needs, motivations, and behaviours of their potential customers, and identifying the opportunities that these presented. We then ran a prioritisation session to identify where to focus effort.

Next, we worked with the client to develop marketing strategies, and customer journeys, that respond to the needs of their customers, and help differentiate them from competitors.

The result

The learnings from the workshops shifted the client’s approach to their products, services, and marketing strategies. They evolved new content pillars, comms strategies, and product and service offerings, all of which aligned closely with the needs of their customers and enabled them to differentiate themselves from competitors.

  • Markets & audiences profiled
  • Prioritised where to focus effort
  • Effective, new, approaches to content, marketing, and product, strategies

Zero in on your target market & audience & the opportunities they present

Identify your market & audience, their needs, & the opportunities that they present.

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