Who are our target audience, & what are their needs?

Unlocking the market potential: identifying the customers their needs.

How can we engage with our target audiences and convert them to customers?

This B2B Ecommerce business turned to us for help because they had found that they were failing to engage their target audiences even though they had relevant products and a price-competitive offering.

The problem

Although the client knew a lot about their target markets and audiences, they needed help synthesising that knowledge into useful insights. Their not having done this, meant that they struggled to identify both how to speak to the audiences’ needs, and how to tailor their product offering so as to address those needs.

The solution

We ran two online workshops during which we identified and profiled the markets, before doing the same with potential customers within each. A portrait of each audience was developed, which included their needs, motivations, and behaviours, and identified the opportunities that these presented. Lastly, we conducted a prioritisation session to identify where effort could most effectively be focused.

  • Profile of the target markets, identifying the audiences within each
  • Profile of the needs, motivations, and behaviours, of each audience
  • Identification of the opportunities presented by the markets and audiences
  • Prioritised which markets to focus effort on

The result

In addition to enabling a prioritised marketing strategy to be developed, based upon which markets would bring the best return on investment, the insights generated from workshops also led to a shift in merchandising that was immediate and significant. During the exercises, it became clear how to position, price, and bundle the products, and associated customer service, in a way that clearly solved customer needs and differentiated the business from its competitors.

  • Profiled markets and audiences
  • Prioritised where to focus marketing efforts to bring the greatest return on investment
  • Identified strategies for engaging the target audiences
  • Developed a new approach to products, pricing, and service

Imagine knowing all you need to about your target audience & the opportunities they present

Unlock the potential of your target market, their needs, & the opportunities that it presents.

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