Engaging Gen Z for sports event startup

Sporting events startup

Audience research brought insights from which content and PR strategies, and digital platforms, were developed to engage a new sporting audience including the use of gamification and augmented reality experiences.

The problem to solve

A new format is being launched for a well-established sport. Others have recently launched similar formats aimed at the same audience.

How can new attendees be reached, become interested, remain engaged, and be given a memorable event day?


Insights from interviews with the target audience built a clear picture of the challenges regarding engagement and competition from other events. Interviews with stakeholders, and sports professionals, brought insights, around adding backstory and colour.

The site needs to support engagement from event launch through to race day. Engagement strategies were devised for each stage, with corresponding supporting features on the site.


Catering to a mobile-first generation, on event day, it morphs into an interactive event guide, location sensitive, it provides access to the race schedule, events guide, action replays, competitions and offers.

In advance of the event, the site enables stories to be built around the competitors.

Audience research & interviews
Audience research & interviews.
Empathy mapping
Empathy mapping.
Hurdles & opportunities over time
Hurdles & opportunities over time.
Bringing the events to life
Bringing the events to life.
Communications strategy
Communications strategy.
Mobile UX & IA to support strategy
Mobile UX & IA to support strategy.