How can we ensure we are effectively targeting our audiences?

Furniture studio

How can we more effectively engage with our traget audiences? Expert review & strategy.

In trying to target their potential customers more effectively, this B2C business had been about to commission a redesign. However, they first commissioned an Expert Review, which demonstrated that changes to their website’s structure and content would help them to increase their website’s effectiveness as a sales tool.

The problem

This furniture maker asked for an Expert Review to check for any obvious usability issues prior to commissioning a redesign.

The solution

The heuristic element of the review revealed a few minor issues that needed to be addressed as and when. However, the cognitive walkthrough element found that the target markets were not well served by the current website.

In particular, we were able to recommend changes to page layouts, content, copy structure, and language, as minor modifications to the structure, which would enable the website to work more effectively as part of their sales journey.

The result

The Expert Review findings changed the client’s strategy. Postponing the redesign, they focused instead on implementing the findings. The client, who maintains their website themselves, was able to start working through the prioritised list immediately.

  • Strategies to increase the effectiveness of the website as a sales tool
  • Strategies to have the site work effectively in conjunction with their social media activity
  • Optimising e-commerce pages
  • Copy & content changes to target specific audiences
  • Updated content to increase scannability & readability
  • Usability & accessibility bug fixes

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