Identifying the problem to solve

Financial services

Researching, and constructing a cost-benefit analysis matrix for, this call centre workflow, identified where effort could be best applied to improve the process without the cost of undertaking a complete rebuild.

The problem to solve

This call centre workflow was time-consuming to complete. Data entry errors caused frustration and delays. Both of these points were the source of customer complaints.

Rebuilding the whole workflow was out of scope. Where would improvement have the most impact?


Interviews, and an observation session, gave an overview of where problems were occurring, and the impact each had.

The pain points were mapped over a process map. Four in stood out as having a significant detrimental effect on the whole workflow.

Creating a matrix of the pain points, the level of pain, potential solution, potential cost, and the potential impact of implementation, enabled each to be ranked.


The resulting value chain map identified that tacking the journey start would have the positive g the journey start would have a positive impact throughout the workflow, bringing reductions in the time required to complete the process and the likelihood of data entry errors.

Additionally, it diminished the problems at a subsequent pain point, which would have been very expensive to rebuild.

Pain points mapped over process
Pain points mapped over process.
The most significant pain points
The most significant pain points.
Value chain map highlighting point 1
Value chain map highlighting point 1.
Proposed solution for point 1
Proposed solution for point 1.