How can we create joined-up customer acquisition journeys?

B2B e-commerce

How can we create a joined-up sales journey?

A series of tailored workshops enabled this B2B e-commerce business to develop a customer acquisition strategy with matching digital customer journeys.

The problem

This B2B e-commerce business had neither a customer acquisition strategy nor the accompanying journeys from social campaign to sign-up. There was also no clear strategy for potential clients who had been contacted in person.

The solution

During a Journeys workshop, we worked with portraits of the markets and audiences, which had been developed in previous workshops, identifying where and how each would be approached. W then mapped their journeys from those initial touch points through to the action that the client wanted them to take.

  • Where will the audiences be found? LinkedIn, social media, sales calls, etc.
  • What comms will they see to engage them? CTA to download a resource, special offer, etc.
  • Where will they go next? A targeted landing page on the website, DM on Linkedin, etc.
  • What will they be encouraged to do once on the website?

The result

The Journeys workshop enabled the client to take a view of the whole sales journey, which in turn facilitated planning changes to the necessary campaigns and updating the website to support them.

  • Development of engagement strategies
  • Mapping of acquisition journeys
  • Concepts for campaigns
  • Identification of website content gaps and changes required to support campaigns.

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