How can we create joined-up customer acquisition journeys?

Customer acquisition: developing a strategy & journeys to engage & convert.

How can we create a joined-up sales journey?

This B2B Ecommerce business turned to us for help because they were running social media, and other customer acquisition, campaigns, but to little effect. We worked with them to understand what might be missing, and how to generate engagement and win customers.

The problem

This B2B Ecommerce business was running a variety of social media campaigns aimed at engaging potential new customers. However, these were having little effect.

Building upon the outputs from a markets and audiences workshop, we worked with the client to identify where, and how, to engage with potential customers, the engagement strategy, the engagement journey, and how the business’ website needed to change in order to support the new strategy and journeys.

The solution

During a previous market & audience workshop we had developed portraits which we used here to identify where each audience could be found, before developing a strategy for engaging with them. We then mapped their journeys from their initial touch points through to the action that the client wanted them to take – creating an account, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter. Finally, we looked at how their website needed to evolve in order to support the journeys.

Workshop structure

  • Where will each of the various audiences be found? LinkedIn, social media, sales calls, etc.
  • What comms will they see to engage them? CTA to download a resource, special offer, etc.
  • Where will they go next? A targeted landing page on the website, DM on Linkedin, etc.
  • What will they be encouraged to do once on the website?
  • What gaps are there? In website content and structure, and in social media campaigns

The result

The Journeys workshop enabled the client to gain a view of the sales journey as a whole, which was something that they had not previously done. This in turn enabled us to work with them to identify why and where changes needed to be made to their campaigns and website in order to arrive at a planned journey from initial touchpoint to becoming an active customer.

During the following months we continued to work with the client to help them develop, prioritise, and implement, changes that would help to covert visitors into customers, so bringing sales:

  • Development of engagement strategies, and concepts for – social campaigns
  • Updating website content and functionality in order to provide seamless engagement journeys

How would it feel to have connected with & converted your target audience?

Acquire & convert with engaging, joined-up, user-focused journeys or workflows that will help you to onboard users and sell to your customers.

How we can help 

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