Why are our customers abandoning this journey?

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Improving conversion rates

The high drop-off rate from this landing page was a serious problem as the page leads to an account management task that all its customers are legally obliged to complete. With a new flow and new copy, the page addresses customers’ questions and gives clear guidance on what to do next.

The problem

Crammed with information, lacking in clarity, poorly written and jargon-heavy, and lacking a clear call to action, the current landing page had a high bounce rate even though it was the entry point to a task that all customers were obliged to complete. The research showed the high abandon rate was due to both a lack of clarity about what to do and a failure to address customers’ questions and concerns.

The solution

The solution comprised two approaches:

Clear information that addresses the needs & concerns of customers

The research showed that customers had questions and concerns, only some of which were answered and addressed on the landing page. Most though were found via links to several pages of FAQs, or not addressed at all.

  • Identifying what customers need to know and including that information on the page reduces the chance of them leaving to find answers.
  • Using clear, and concise language, rather than corporate and financial, ensures that the information is easier to comprehend.
  • Telling customers, what they need to do, and the information that they need in order to do so ensures that they can prepare prior to following the call to action.

A flow down the page that supports & guides customers

Giving the page a flow, as good B2B landing pages should have, ensures that customers are guided naturally through questions and concerns:

  • What is it that I am being asked to do?
  • Why am I being asked to do this?
  • Should I be concerned that I have been asked to do this?
  • What information do I need to have to hand?
  • How long will this take?
  • The link to undertake the action.

The result

The redesigned page ensures that customers, in clear concise language:

  • Are informed about what they need to do and why
  • Can find the information they need within the landing page
  • Know what they are being asked to do next
  • See a clear call to action to complete the task

Acquire & retain customers with engaging content

Acquire & retain customers, & support & guide users, with engaging content.

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