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Product configurator app

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This proof of concept, built in Axure, both demonstrated the feasibility of designing a configurator for products with 90k variations and enabled the project sponsor to socialise the proposal amongst colleagues.

The problem to solve

An easy-to-use product configurator would be an attractive sales tool. However, in order to be effective, the solution has to both handle a large number of possible product configurations, and be adaptable to configure multiple models.


The project commenced with a requirements gathering workshop, followed by a session to develop business requirements. Research of the products to be configured, together with the business requirements, shaped the proposed features and functionality. Development of user flows, and concepts for the interface were followed by the development of the proof of concept.

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Kickoff workshop
Kickoff workshop.
Product strategy
Product strategy.
Product research
Product research.
User flow
User flow.
Collaboration with business analyst
Collaboration with business analyst.
Proof of concept
Proof of concept.