Researching the ‘as-is’ hospitality customer experience


Researching the online and offline customer experience for a UK based pub, restaurant, and hotel, chain

Research of the digital and physical customer experience, for a pub and hotel brand, highlighted touchpoints where improving digital experiences would also enhance the physical experience.

The Problem to solve

An end-to-end audit of hospitality experiences. Aligning stakeholders around a common vision and generating insights into how digital touchpoints can enhance the overall experience.


This exploratory research programme commenced with stakeholder interviews to understand the brand and market landscape. Insights from the interviews shaped the subsequent research programme and activities. The synthesis stage brought together insights from parallel work streams to produce ‘as-is’ experience maps.

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Kickoff & programme planning
Kickoff & programme planning.
Heuristic reviews of digital experiences
Heuristic reviews of digital experiences.
Focus groups and interviews
Focus groups.
Premises visits
Premises visits.
Customer survey
Customer survey.
Moderated tests and interviews
Moderated testing.
Synthesis of research played back via journey maps
Experience maps.