Single page checkout & prototype

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Research, and UX design, of a single page checkout that flexes to work in 19 markets, in multiple languages, and with 17 payment options.

The problem to solve

The brief was to design a single page checkout to replace an existing multi-page journey.

Variations were required for 19 markets. Additionally, the integration via an iframe of a well-known third-party payment platform was to be replaced with integrations with 17 individual payment providers.


Groundwork – working with stakeholders and the business analyst all the international variations were collated and documented – address formats, delivery options, tax rules, payment systems and their APIs.

Paying – payment options are grouped into ‘pay now’ and ‘pay later’. Journeys are designed so that round trips to third-party sites are handed gracefully.

Variations – 19 markets mean 19 sets of address formats, tax rules, delivery options, and other variations. All accommodated and documented.

Journeys – interactions, and states, were designed and documented.


The completed UX, in the form of an Axure prototype, contained:

  • Mobile, tablet and desktop prototype
  • Journeys for all payment options
  • Documentation of all international variations and payment options
  • Cross references with the relevant JIRA tickets

Requirements research
Requirements research.
Payment options integration
Payment options integration.
Journey design
Journey design.
Variations for 19 markets
Variations for 19 markets.
Mobile first interactive prototype
Mobile first interactive prototype.