We know that a new strategy is required, how do we develop it?

B2B e-commerce

We know that a new strategy is required, how do we develop it?

Running a series of workshops for this B2B e-commerce business enabled them to develop new customer acquisition strategies & associated customer journeys.

The problem

This B2B e-commerce business had neither a customer acquisition strategy nor the accompanying journeys. Without these in place, they were relying on people simply finding their website via organic search results.

The solution

Together with the client, we planned a series of workshops designed to get them from where they were to implementing a strategy. Building upon a previous business goals workshop, these workshops worked through sequential steps from the market through to the sales journeys and the role the website plays in them.

Workshop content

  • Markets
  • Audiences within each market
  • The opportunities
  • Prioritisation – where to focus effort
  • Development of product and service offerings that respond to market & audience needs
  • The sales journey

Workshop structure

  • Tailored to the needs of the client
  • 60 t0 120 minutes
  • Written up and played back
  • Findings from each formed the basis of the subsequent workshop
  • Run remotely

The result

The workshops enable the client to move from having no strategy to having a strategy in place alongside a set of prioritised, achievable, actions for implementing the sales strategies and having the website support them.

  • Sales & marketing strategy developed
  • Achievable strategy & implementation plan

Workshop planning & facilitation

Workshops are a highly effective method of energising & unlocking creative thinking to collectively bring clarity to problems, & generate solutions with consensus & ownership.

How we can help 

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