We have a concept, but what are our vision & goals for it?


Vision setting

A vision & goals workshop enabled this business to crystallise a concept into something with a clear vision & tangible, achievable, goals.

The problem

This business had a product idea, but no vision & goals to guide its development. The consequences of continuing would have been the development of something that may, or may not, have met the strategic business objectives.

The solution

A Vision and goals workshop brought together around 5 client stakeholders. Together, we first undertook a vision-setting exercise. Secondly, through the lens of the draft vision, and audiences to which the site catered, we brainstormed goals for the site that would help deliver the vision.

Workshop formats

Both sessions followed a similar format, working through pre-prepared Miro boards:

  • Introduction to creating a vision/goals, including examples
  • Time working alone to create suggestions
  • Sharing and discussion
  • Voting

The result

The workshops brought a unified vision and sense of purpose to a project that had previously simply lacked both. The foundations set during the workshop shaped the scope and helped to focus development on features and content that would enable the finished project to meet the vision and goals.

  • Development of a vision created by stakeholders
  • Focused subsequent development on meeting the vision & goals
  • Created consensus among the stakeholders around delivering a successful outcome that met the vision & goals

Create a vision strategy & delivery plan for your project

Create the strategy & plan to build the app, SaaS or website that meets your business goals the first time around.

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