What should my new business’s website contain?

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What should my buisness's website contain, and how should it be structured? Website strategy workshop.

This young entrepreneur was unsure how to plan a website that would work effectively as a shopfront for their new business. Working through the bootcamp exercises with them provided a grounding in their market priorities, the purchase journey, and the content needed to engage the audience.

The problem

Although digitally savvy, this entrepreneur felt that they needed guidance ago help them develop their business’ first website.

The solution

Running through sessions contained in the bootcamp workbook provided them with insights that were actionable and achievable, and which identified what to prioritise. Building profiles of their audience identified how each segment had differing needs, and differing purchase journeys, which in turn enabled the development of content and strategies to engage and maintain the engagement of each.

The result

Following the bootcamp the client was able to work with the outputs and start building their website. In particular, they found the following exercises useful:

  • Differentiating market segments and which to prioritise
  • Pen portrait of each market segment’s audience
  • A strategy for the website as a whole
  • Structuring the website and content to work effectively with social media activity
  • Prioritising where to focus effort

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