Why are our sales so poor?

B2B e-commerce

Why is nobody buying from our e-commerce store? Strategy 1:1

This B2B Ecommerce business was experiencing very low sales volumes. During the strategy 1:1 we identified the likely causes, and developed a set of achievable steps to remedy what had we jointly discovered.

The problem

The reasons for low sales volumes at this B2B Ecommerce business were not immediately clear. Consequently, it was also not clear where to focus effort to address the situation.

The solution

During the online strategy 1:1 workshop, we looked at both the website and the bigger picture. In taking that step back we explored the business’ goals, the market, and the opportunities. In doing so, we uncovered both some experience problems and areas where the business strategy would benefit from being revisited:

  • Review of the website to see if there were any serious issues
  • Exploration of the strategy behind the business
    • The business goals
    • The market & audience
    • The competitor market landscape
    • Sales strategy
    • Product offering
    • Customer journey

The result

Following the workshop session, we planned a series of further workshops which enabled the client to develop a profile of their market and audience, identify opportunities, and prioritise where to focus effort in order to refocus on building sales:

  • Vison & goals – how might we get to where we want to be
  • User audit & prioritisation of fixes
  • Markets, audience, & competitors workshops
  • Product offering and sales journey workshops

Fix an underperforming sales customer or user journey

Is your app, SaaS, or website failing to deliver the results that you’d hoped for?This will identify what’s wrong & create an achievable strategy to get you back on track.

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