Why are our sales so poor?

Unlocking potential: How we transformed a B2B Ecommerce business’s sales strategy.

Why is nobody buying from our e-commerce store? Strategy 1:1

This B2B Ecommerce business turned to us for help because their online store was attracting visitors but not generating sales. We worked with them to diagnose where things were going wrong and implement changes that would help bring in sales.

The problem

The client had a well-set-up online store, a base of existing potential customers from another business within the group, and had been actively promoting the website, yet sales were poor. Given that the site was attracting visitors, the reasons for the poor sales were not immediately clear.

We were asked to investigate the likely causes of the poor sales, and to work with the client to develop ways to raise awareness, create engagement, and bring in sales.

The solution

The starting point was an online workshop, during which we looked at both the website and the bigger picture. Together with the client, we reviewed the business’ goals, the market, and the opportunities. In doing so, we uncovered both some user experience problems, for which fixes could be recommended and implemented quickly, and elements of the business strategy that needed to be revisited.

Website review

During the workshop, we examined the website for points of friction. After the workshop had concluded we conducted an audit of the website, which included a heuristic evaluation and a cognitive walkthrough. Working with the client, we subsequently developed practical solutions and a prioritised schedule for their implementation.

Strategy review

During the workshop, we examined the business’ original goals, and how the website supported those goals. It was immediately clear that there were both gaps in the original goals and strategy, and a disconnect between those and the website as implemented.

Follow up workshops

Following this initial strategy 1:1 workshop, we ran further workshops with the client, which were aimed specifically at returning to fill in gaps in the strategy and thinking, and to develop from the reworked strategy, and a plan that would enable the website to deliver the results that had been hoped for. The workshops we ran were:

  1. The business goals
  2. The market & audience, including the competitor market landscape
  3. Sales strategy, including the product offering
  4. Customer journey

The result

The initial strategy 1:1 workshop resulted in a diagnosis of where the client’s problems lay. The follow-up workshops were devised to enable strategy gaps to be filled, and the website aligned with the strategy. During the following months, we continued to work with the client to help them develop, prioritise, and implement, changes that would help to convert visitors into customers, so bringing sales.

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